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“Thank you for what you do! I have been teaching music at school for the second year for grades 1-6. I use “RADOT music” materials, and pupils who didn't like music before now ask me if I will teach next year as well and say thank you for the lesson!”

Nikola Matulena

“Time and again, I want to say thank you for being there! Therefore, I would like to share my story. In the early grades of Jurmala Pumpuri Secondary School, we engaged in the activity you suggested, involving clefs – attaching a thread to them. The children enjoyed it very much. It also occurred to me that I could stick a clef on the classroom floor, allowing the children to follow it step by step. Then, I suggested comparing and drawing conclusions about all the activities. The most satisfying thing for me was the conclusion of the first graders that that thinking along with what you are doing prevents mistakes. I was excited all day and the feeling lingers even now.”

Inese Forstmane

“We used this service last school year and we loved it! We want more!”

Stak Primary School

“Sincere thanks: the GREAT JOY that we experience in "Radot music" classes cannot be stopped! Have fun and inspiration while sowing the seeds of love for music!”

Dace Berzinska

“Thank you for your work, ideas and possibilities you offer, which we can use to educate children! Have a successful and creative autumn!”

Zaiga Barone

“Thank you very much! Your positivity energizes us!”

Ineta Pilverte

“Thank you for all the “RADOT music” materials! They are engaging for children!”

Ieva Tomina

“I use both: book’s and digital materials. It’s great that there was a folk song in November and Christmas songs in December in "RADOT music'' content with the score and an accompaniment.”

Inara Boka

““RADOT music” is like a source of endless inspiration that motivates me as a teacher to make my lessons more and more interesting. You’ve created so many songs and games that allow me to capture the attention of my students, help them focus and ensure a more effective learning process!”

Luize Liepa